Library Services

The Borough of Hawthorne and the Borough of Prospect Park have entered into an agreement whereby the Louis Bay 2nd Library will be available to residents of Prospect Park.

Getting a Library Card

Register for a card by completing an application and paying the fee at the Clerk's Office in the Borough of Prospect Park.

Cards are per household only.


$20.00 per household.

$15.00 per household, seniors.

Bring the completed application to the Library and we will issue your card.

Prospect Park patrons purchasing a card per this agreement are categorized as a Pay Card holder and are subject to the Pay Card Policy

If anyone else in the household wishes to purchase a second card, (s)he must go directly to the Library and the cost will be the regular price of a Pay Card.

 Revised:  05-Jun-2018
First Reading:   13-Jun-2018
Approved:   11-Jul-2018