Louis Bay 2nd Library Gallery Policy


The purpose of Louis Bay 2nd Library & Community Center William A. Monaghan Gallery Policy is to provide a framework for the selection and maintenance of a collection of artistic works to assist individuals in their pursuit of the ideas, information, and creative experience of the world


Art Gallery Exhibit Application

  1. The Library offers artists the opportunity to display works that meet the informational, educational, cultural, artistic, and recreational needs and interest of its residents. Artists are reminded that their works will potentially be viewed by patrons of all ages.
  2. Selection guidelines for exhibits include:
    1. Selection criteria for art exhibits follow the standards set in the Library’s Collection Development Policy.
    2. The Library reserves the right to refuse artworks not conforming to the Library’s Collection Development Policy.
    3. Patrons may request to reconsider an art piece just as they can any other material available at the Library. The procedure for reconsideration is explained in the Collection Development Policy.
  3. Inclusion of an item or items in an exhibit does not constitute endorsement of its content to the Library.
  4. While all artwork will be considered, the Gallery space is not provided for commercial, nor for specifically religious or political purposed. Exhibitors may provide a printed catalog or listing of the exhibited materials with detailed information, but items may not have prices affixed.
  5. The Library does not require a fee to display an exhibit not does it charge a commission for the sale of items. Voluntary donations may be made to The Friends of the Library and will be accepted with appreciation.
  6. The Gallery system has 40 cables and 80 hooks, extra hooks can be supplied when needed.
  7. The Library assumes no responsibility or liability for the safekeeping or any items exhibited.
  8. The Library recognizes this policy cannot address all possible situations and it is not an all-inclusive document. Situations not specifically addressed in the policy are handled as they arise.

Revised: 27-Oct_2015
Approved by the Board of Trustees: 10-Feb-2016