Display Cases for Public Collections Policy


  • The library offers the public the chance to display collections that meet the informational, educational, cultural, artistic, and recreational needs and interests of its residents. Collectors are reminded that their works will be viewed by patrons of all ages.
  • Applications for exhibits are made on a first-come, first-served basis. The Library shall have the final decision on the content of all exhibits and displays. The Library reserves the right to reject any display in whole or in part which it deems in its sole discretion to be inappropriate based upon local community standards.
  • While all collections will be considered, display case space is not provided for commercial, religious, or political purposes.
  • The display cases consist of two freestanding cases: the Minnie B. Johns Memorial lighted oak case (38” x 12” x 45” with two adjustable shelves) and a table case (45” x 22” x 8”).
  • Because exhibits and displays are used to present fields of interest as varied as possible, the Library is not able to devote space to a specific week or day each year.
  • The Library does not require a fee to display an exhibit. Voluntary donations may be made to The Friends of the Library and will be accepted with appreciation.
  • Cases are locked, but the Library assumes no responsibility or liability for the safekeeping of any items exhibited.
  • Exhibits and displays will typically be scheduled for a period of one month. If the exhibit/display is not set up at the assigned period, the exhibit/display may be cancelled by the library. It is expected of the exhibitor to contact the Library as soon as possible if they cannot set up on a specific date.
  • The Exhibitor is responsible for the set up and breakdown of the exhibit on the dates and times agreed to on the Display Case Application.
  • The library recognizes that the policy cannot address all possible situations and it is not an all-inclusive document. Situations not specifically addressed in the policy are handled as they arise.


 Revised:  05-May-2018
 First Reading:  09-May-2018
 Approved:  13-Jun-2018